IMC.SK - Industrial Management Consulting

IMC-Industrial Management Consulting Slovakia, s.r.o. (, is an SME  focusing its business on the issues of AI-driven digitalisation in the most demanding industries and public services in Europe to meet the challenges of sustainability, resources and economic efficiency, transparency and privacy, and data protection.

In our projects we integrate applied studies, software developments and experimental prototyping to enable new ways of addressing the major challenges of time and to introduce practical applications in such domains as healthcare, urban area developments, manufacturing, agro-industries, environment.

In eHealth & Social care domain we work on implementation of personal health assistants that support self-management of health and remote health monitoring for patients and aging population who needs assisted living.  The results were successfully demonstrated in several Horizon Europe projects described here.

In smart sustainable enterprises and communities, circular economy, critical infrastructures we offer the development of the knowledgebase models of the complex target cyber-physical systems which represent the ‘brains” of their relevant AI-driven Digital Twins.


The comprehensive solutions developed with our partners allow

  • Automatically collecting data from many sources
  • Calculating many indicators that are necessary for monitoring and control of target complex systems
  • Evaluating the status of the complex system and its subsystems
  • Using knowledgebase model for the status interpretation
  • Communicating with end users with mobile apps by using their mobile phones and computing devices proving necessary information for monitoring  and control


The company team is actively involved in Horizon Europe program contributing with its expertise and digital technologies to promote European R&D and innovation.