IMC- Industrial Management Consulting Slovakia, s.r.o.

Digital Transformation

Industrial Management Consulting Slovakia, s.r.o. (IMC.SK), was established in 2004 to assist and consult private enterprises and public services in application of new intelligent digital transformation technologies for effective, smart and sustainable management and operations. 

The key company activity is focused on the issues of digitalisation in the most demanding industries and public services in the Eastern Europe to meet the challenges of sustainability, resources and economic efficiency, transparency and privacy, and data protection. IMC.SK takes active part in the several areas of Horizon 2020 programs including Digital Health and Industrial Automation.  The company integrates applied studies, software developments and experimental prototyping to enable new ways of addressing the major challenges of time such as eHealth & Social care for remote health monitoring for patients aging population and assisted living, smart sustainable enterprises and communities, circular economy, critical infrastructures and resilience, and many others.   

In our services and solutions, we address global challenges in a pragmatic way of pursuing smart sustainable public and private services, and new, safer and more effective socio-economic models that enable service providers to shift from events happening response to preventive and cost-effective, optimised prediction-based operations and assets maintenance and treatments activities.